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New Stuff
Gallery Updated

New stuff under the cut.

Woven sky, next time, I want to try and make this into a neck tie.

Night sky. This is the one I made for the complete stranger. She was very pleased with it.

Morning Tundra. Just finished this one.

And if you're wondering, "Don't you have anything else to post about..." I actually do.

Today I took the 15 minute drive to the only swing I know of in Pensacola with a bucket seat. I parked my car, walked over and swang for the first time in many, many years. It was super. One day, I'm going to have one of those puppies installed in my yard.

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I stand all amazed...these are truly gorgeous and OMG but you work FAST! Do you work from patterns?

I haven't swung on a swing in several eons or least since Erik was little (he's 23). LOL!

Thank you. Yes, I bought a lot of books and individual patterns as my training wheels. So that I can get a feel for all the existing / published styles. I change up the actually colors used or the pattern of them. Like Morning Tundra came from a 2-color pattern, but I wanted to use 3.

Your stuff is soooo pretty. Every piece makes me catch my breath and go "holy shit..."

I like "Night Sky" the most, but they are all nice.

You wrote: "One day, I'm going to have one of those puppies installed in my yard." which made me laugh.

TTYL (I hope),
p.s. I sent you an email.

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