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Thunder; Surveys
Thunder is acting out in order to get attention. Second 'check my engine' tantrum; second time it was my gas cap. The seal broke on my gas cap and the release valve in the engine area was letting off the fumes. The light came on because it detected said fumes. No charge, once again, free car wash.

Yay. No gas smell. Lesson? Wash Thunder more often. *laughs*

I take these market surveys. Slightly irritating, but mostly interesting. I get points in return. Points equal money. I cashed out $80 from the past two years of survey taking. Not so bad. The ones they send in the mail often come with $1-5 in them.

Anyway, I'm taking one right now and it asked,
"Please select the ONE primary reason for choosing healthy foods or beverages."

After reading all the choices over I frown and silently protest, "Where in the hell is the 'Because they're tasty' option???"

Nope, not to treat or control an existing health problem, provide extra day-to-day energy and stamina - an energy boost, ensure my future good health, enhance my daily health, improve my appearance, meet the health needs of family members, spiritual or philosophical reasons, lose weight, or feel good.

I eat because I'm hungry and I eat healthy food because it's tasty. >_<

*chooses none of the above*


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