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New Cellphone
My new phone came in yesterday, and I really like what I picked. It's the LG Chocolate model in white (Red backlighting). As for the provider, I went with Verizon. Both decisions were based on consumer ratings on support, service, and product ratings for the Southeast.

It's got a bunch of things I don't foresee myself using (camera, mp3 playlist, video streaming, web browsing) but it does bring the pretty and the heat-sensitive buttons are endearing. I can see why the battery can last for days on idle. It cuts itself off after maybe 4 seconds. No screen, no anything. Love it.

Now, all it has to do is go 10 minutes in my room on the phone with Punkin without cutting out and I will consider my purchase a rousing success.

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I have the black one. Love it!

I have the black chocolate which I got between Xmas and New Year's. I marched into Verizon telling them that now that my 2 year contract was up I was going to switch to T-Mobile. They told mee that if I signed another 2 year contract with them they would give mee the chocolate for free (well it cost $50 but I got a $50 rebate for it), a bluetooth, and a few other features plus knock a few bucks off my bill each month.

At first I was like, "I don't want some gimmicky piece of shit" because it obviously was made to resemble an iPod but I made a phone call on it and found it to be exceptionally clear (and really a compact phone that gets good reception was all I wanted). Thus far the only complaints I have are the music features for it (the power chord plugs into the same place as the headphones which have to be made for the chocolate and despite the fact that it has 1gb of space, it will only accept 60mb of mp3s unless yoo have a memory card, specificly a memory card which is not widely used) which I don't really care about anyway.

I do like those--I almost got one. Contrats! It's too bad I'll have to scrap the Black Jack I *did* get in a few months when the iPhone comes out ... :: sob ::


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