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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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buhbye Max
Oh yeah, by the way, I took Max back to the humane society. They're going to place him in another house. I highly recommended he get a place with children. He's a really hyper dog and needs nearly 24 hours and contact. All the destruction he caused was always when our back was turned.

The last destructive act being finding the cords on the side of the house and chewing up the one connected to the AC system. We've already had a tech out to repair it.

So like, our house is totally not one for a puppy.

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Is there a reason you didn't crate train him so he could be in there while you were gone?

Yup. My beloved refused to do it.

Were it solely up to me, I also would have taken him to a dog trainer, but alas, it wasn't.

One thing I've learned about pets - time, training and a little patience (most puppies in particular grow out of a lot of chewy behaviors) goes a long way.

I'm sorry sweetie.

I'm sorry to hear that. What you wanted to do is pretty standard for puppy care - it's a rare puppy who does not chew things up or destroy things. Hopefully he can find a home where they'll be willing to do that.

Aww ... I've been in those situations before (when I divorced we had two doggies--they had to go to homes). My sympathies.


Sometimes a dog isn't a good fit for a household. Have you thought about getting an older dog, one who's settled down a bit?

Nope. Not I. If I get a pet it will be another rat. I'm not into large mammals. 0.o

I've been thinking of getting rats.. But I'm not sure how easy they are to take care of, and I don't want to get one and not be able to give it a good life..

Well, the most important thing is to keep the cage clean. Once a week at best, well ventilated, proper play toys and lots of 'enrichment' (having them hunt for treats).

I _loved_ my rat. He was the best pet right up there with an albino hamster I used to have.

No matter what cage you get, an hour or two a day with you running around and playing is also good. ^_^

aaaw. How cute.

I dunno. We'll see how it goes.. I'm not getting any more pets any time soon, since I have my hands full with Insane-o-bird and Mini-her.

The first two years of a boxer's life are hell to the owners. If it had not been for my retired parents who "dog sat" everyday, I couldn't have done it. Now my Max is the best dog in the world.

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