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The story of the spilled beads...
Ever have something so bad happen that the only thing that got you through it was the fact that you'd have fun sharing the tale later?

I bring to you the past 5 hours of my day. Prior to this event I spent the day in the mall at the Verizon store getting a different phone, in Victoria's Secret spending the $100 gift certificate I'd had for 4 years, and at Mom's house fixing a problem with her computer.

I took new photos of some of the pieces I planned to put online and had just uploaded a new item to my etsy store. I was putting the camera away when I knocked over the container of beads for my current project. They were sitting on top of my computer. I wasn't phased. Thank goodness they are locked compartments I said as I reached down to pick it up.

Well, in the process of falling, two of the compartments came unlocked.

Red and blue. It could be worse. Two shades of blue, for instance. I took a deep breath and then I thought. This would make a good story. So I took the picture.

I got down and placed my crafting lamp at my side. With a head pin and my make shift boxes I started collecting beads. I picked up a lot of beads, but it had been an hour and my brain was a ticking. I stopped...

And went to find the vaccuum cleaner. I washed all the parts and vacuumed the rest of the beads up. I should have waited until I had picked up all the beads I possibly could. Seriously.

I cleaned as much as I could, but in the end, I have a plate full of dusty beads. Those white / beige specs do not belong. 0.o

How am I going to wash these?
Put them on a string!

*3 hours elapses*

Almost there!

I took the string, tied the loose end and washed the lot of them in the kitchen with some dishwashing liquid. I am so happy that they were regular opaque beads. No damage by getting wet. Yay!

The beads I vaccumed are now laying out on a towel drying.

Tedium. Pure tedium.

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The other day someone referred to a "shit-ton" of something. I was puzzled by the measurement, so thank you for this visual reference, for that is surely a shit-ton of beads.

I'm so happy only two compartments came undone, and only half spilled out.

No, not a shit ton. *laughs* I'd estimate about 20 grams of beads fell out.

Maybe it just looks like more in the pics. I'm pretty sure shit-ton is qualitative rather than quantitative anyway.

But yeah, sounds like it could have been *much* worse.

Next time that happens try this: get a white gym sock and put it over the end of the vacuum cleaner's hose. Hold on tightly so the vacuum doesn't suck up the sock. The beads will go into the sock, not the vacuum cleaner bag and you can turn off the power with the sock over a dish and the beads will fall into the dish. I have so been there, done that, and Chris suggested the sock idea, which he had used in the Navy after dumping a box of tiny components for fixing a computer.

Most embarassing bead spill:

I was on my way to the GYN's office and while putting the strap for my purse on my shoulder, I accidently jerked on a gold and blue beaded necklace, breaking the strand, with beads going all over the sidewalk. I clened them up as best as I could but was late so drove right to the doctor's office.

The lady GYN gets me on the table and says, "Unhook your bra...let's do a breast exam. I do so and there, adhering to my nipples are a thick pad of gold and blue seed beads. Doctor: "Oh, jewelry?"
Annina: (hysterically laughing) "No...I broke a strand of beads when I was leaving and they must have gone down my front."

The nurse, doctor and I are laughing so loud that another doctor pokes his head in the door and asks if we're okay.

We regain our composure and she has me slide on down the table for the pelvic exam. Suddenly she pokes her head up between my knees and announces, "Well, the bead assay is negative down here."

The three of us went into further hysteria.

Oh wow, what a great idea! Thank you. I know this won't be the last time I spill a large quantity of beads, so that will really come in handy.

"is that um... nipple jewelry?" Love it. *giggle fit*

Wooooow... Man, that sucks. But at least it was only half of your beads and not the whole shebang.

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