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Working from Patterns
Okay, due to my own cautiousness, I did some research. It turns out that people can get in a tizzy if you're selling something made from a pattern. I refer to in this instance. (No, no one's said anything to me, just stuff I was reading on their forums.)

The thing is - All of Varvara's books, .pdfs, and the free stuff by her all say that the patterns can not be reproduced, resold, or distributed... typical fare. I have found nothing about the necklaces made from them, and I most certainly looked. In one of her books, she states that they are a compilation of patterns from around the world. So... not exactly "hers" to begin with. In the other book, I'm aware (from reading her site) that the patterns were designed by her friend Galina even if the technique itself is common in Russia.

Regardless, I e-mailed her yesterday asking for her official blessing to sell items made in the support of my habit or a cease and desist on the matter. Better safe than sorry, and I'm not trying to pass it off like I designed those necklaces myself. When I design my own necklace, there won't be any question about it. I'm not expecting any answer soon, when I ordered a book from her personally it took a week and a half before it was even shipped. XD

Now, the other person I make stuff from, Sandra Halpenny, explicitly states that necklaces made from her patterns may be made for personal use or sold for "pin money."

"Pin money" is what I'm selling them for anyway. I have a day job. I plan to keep it. Profits from my necklaces go into buying more beads and crystals. As far as her stuff goes, I'm totally in the clear.

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what's "pin money"?
I can guess, but what's the pin? OR is that just a dumb question

Archaic expression, hence why I quoted it. You and I know this to be pocket change. My good friend google turned up:

"Pin Money: Catharine Howard, wife of Henry VIII., introduced pins into England from France. As they were expensive at first, a separate sum for this luxury was granted to the ladies by their husbands. Hence the expression "pin-money.""

Not dumb, I knew what the author was getting at (Don't make a business out of selling my stuff), but I didn't know where the expression came from until just now. ^_^

Does the blue-print (the pattern) imply any ownership of the building? I suppose it somehow must--but what if you change a piece of it? Change it just a little? What then?


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