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I want ice cream.


5 minutes ago!

(And I have no clue what the ice cream craving is all about. It started yesterday. 0.o I haven't had ice cream in... 6 months? ... prior to the ice cream I had yesterday.)

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I've always had a penchant for non-traditional flavors. I always have Woo City Ice Cream in stock. And now some of their organic ice cream has omega-3. I mean, wow, talk about getting the good and the bad (still high in sugar).

My favorite is lemongrass-ginger, which ironically I didn't like at first but it grew on me. I also came across a rice-milk based ice cream that tasted just like carrot cake, except colder and richer. Dangerous.

My flavor of choice is cherry vanilla. I have a special place in my heart for it, because I 'invented' it as a flavor a child in a story of mine liked. (Made with red cherries, not black.) One day, years later, I opened my aunt's freezer to see the exact flavor and was overjoyed.

> I have no clue what the ice cream craving is all about.

You pregnant?

First thing I thought when I read that was, "FUCK NO!"

*laughs* But, um, yeah, no. I get non-hormonal cravings for specifics favorites on rare occasions.

One that has gone unfilled for years now is a good chicken curry. The Thai man I used to get it from went away with Hurricane Ivan. *sniffle*

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