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punching and kicking
We have a punching bag hanging under the carport. Joe recently bought it to work out with.

I threw a casual punch or two at it while I was helping him get some stuff out the door. He pauses and then instructs me on making a tighter fist.

Well... when I make a tight fist I have this protruding knuckle of death that hits the bag first and stings.

"I don't know what's wrong with your hands," he comments, to which I laugh.

So, punching being out (and I like my hands for more nimble tasks anyway) I kicked the bag.

"I like this!" I said with a giggle as I kicked the bag some more.

Okay, he was heading out the door right? Well, he stops and for the next 20 minutes he's giving me pointers on kick boxing. How to roundhouse. What part of my leg / foot to attack with. Spotting me. All very cool. He then asserted, "I'm going to buy you some tapes so that you can learn to kick box."

"Yeah," I said, "chicks are stronger under the hips anyway."

"True," he said, "but you also have another problem."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You won't be able to split your legs."

"I can do a split!" I protested.

"Oh the ground you might, but not in the air. Your ass will throw you off balance."

"I can too!" I said kicking up in the air, and as I'm doing it, I can slightly feel the problem.

"You're throwing your leg up, not kicking."

Soooo... *giggles* But yeah, I was bending at the knee to balance the rear. *laughs*

Anyway, no one said I was to compete. :P Me and my luscious rear will be okay.

Today's fun lesson:

Kicking > Punching

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I suggest finding a good hapkido school. It's a soft/hard art combination, focused on the practical nature of self defense which makes it somewhat more eclectic.

By the way, if the Knuckle of Death is one of the first two (index or middle finger) then start conditioning it. We are taught to focus our strike with those two knuckles, as when the hand is angled correctly at the wrist that these two impact first and hardest, there is less stress on the hand bones. Those knuckles get stronger and thicker with conditioning, and the skin will callus a bit.

A good way to know you're getting the arm angle right when you strike the bag is to do push-ups with your hands under your shoulders, not forward, behind, inside or outside. That's the way it should feel.

Start relatively light, don't whale on the bag, hitting harder than your conditioning is appropriate for can lead to fun things like, oh, ruptured bursae. I ruptured a knuckle bursa once. I might do it again, but proper training will reduce that likelyhood. I'd rather not do it again, thank you very much.

Proper training with the kicks will keep your balance good, keep your back, knees and toes safe, and give you nicely muscled thighs. Believe me. :)

And... good luck! Don't skimp on the cost of a good school (although some of the best might not be the most expensive, just the hardest to find.)

Oh, and the bushido_babes community is a fabulous group of women who all train in an assortment of arts.

yeah, the "knuckle of death" is the middle finger one. It's paper thin. *giggles*

Wow, thanks for all the tips. If anything comes of all this I'll be sure to update. ^_^

I remember when I was taking Wing Tsun, my sifu was always annoyed by my rear end. "Stop sticking it out," he'd tell me, not understanding that I don't have a flat ass, heh. I didn't stay around after that.

Hmm ... I do the hapkido too--and like it greatly--but yeah, if you like that stuff, find the school you like most in the area and do a few classes. I totally love the training experience with the folks at my 'dojang' (Korean for training hall)--and, really, it's for the most part, not the style so much as the school and teacher that makes or breaks the experience in my opinion.

So, yeah, do it! I second silkensteel!


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