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As promised...
A picture of me wearing Isis.

It's incredibly light, despite its size. It didn't feel oppressive or anything. I love my precious.

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I was expecting to see a picture of a giant snake or something. ;)

Re: How very beautiful


That is absolutely gorgeous, and looks wonderful on you!

It looks lovely on you!

looks awesome! what are you going to wear it with?

That shirt and some baby blue jeans were what I wore to work.
I didn't make it for any occasion. I plan to wear it like any of my other necklaces - whenever I'm wearing something that matches. *giggles*

wow! (wearer & necklace)

wow. That's just amazing. I didn't realize it was so BIG until I saw it on you. *laughs*

It's really nice! And much bigger than I thought. How long did it take you to do that?

Approximately 55 hours. I started March 20th.

wow. that is beautiful. i love the way it shimmers.

Absolutely wonderful! I love it.

Oh sweet. If the shirt you were wearing was blue, one could think of the necklace as the collar =).

Quite impressive! I didn't realize it was so large either. I love that it is called Isis!

(A) Isis is gorgeous, and falls beautifully across your shoulders!

(B) Is it just the fall of your shirt, or are you arms seriously that buff, dude?

*chuckles* Yeah, my arms really do look like that.

I love it! Now I wish I had commissioned you to make that for me. rofl How much does it weigh ?

Hey! Lovely to hear from you. ^_^

It doesn't weigh much at all. If I had to guess I'd say anywhere from 5-10 ounces.

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