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I found a school, the only school, in Pensacola that teaches Hapki-Do. I'm trying not to judge a teacher by his age (29), webpage, or myspace. Despite how horrible and atrocious the last two are.
HTML can be a challenge for many. I'm going to roll with that.

However, his post in this forum board gave me a tiny sliver of hope. The kind of sliver you can get a paper cut on.

So I called the number and got a girl had no clue where the classes actually took place, but was able to tell me the time. (I'm guessing this was his home number and I got his girlfriend / wife.)

There's a class tonight at 7. I'll go look and judge the teacher by his students.

It's not so bad as say, a couple other martial arts schools here which both have "Christian" in the title and take place in a church.

... or by his editorial skills... "ALWAYS EXCEPTING NEW STUDENTS!!!"

Nevermind it. I would be embarrassed to say I was even there.

*Holding out for quality.* ...even in presentation.

Like these people:

  • 1 looks like it's using PHPNuke.

Yeah, but there's an error in the html under the class information piece.

Not to mention he had the balls to put XHTML compliant on the site. Blegh, I could never meet this person now. My contempt would bleed through my skin.

Well, PHPNuke sucks, and I'm betting the HTML encoding is a byproduct the inability of individual modules to play nice with the framework. The standards stuff is probably a holdover pagelet he never removed; I doubt he knows what the W3C even is.

This ends my exercise in The Benefit of the Doubt. I won't dare click on the myspace link.

I take a Hapkido class--and despite my liking it a lot--and getting a lot out of it--and having taken Karate, Kung Fu, done some Aikido, etc. (so I'm not, like, completely unsure as to what different classes are like) ... I wouldn't blindly or blithely recommend it to my friends (I'd recommend the *class* I go to--but I'd recommend they check out the teacher/school in their area rather than simply following my choice of art).

My take on the guy (from his page):
1. He's youngish--but if he's been doing it since he was a teenager then I think it's reasonable to instruct with 10+ years of training under one's belt. That's enough time to get good at something.

2. His design is garish--MySpace--ugh--but I wouldn't hold that too much against him. He did not, that I saw, (A) put down a lot of other schools/styles, (B) talk about how great he is, (C) talk about how his school is the only good one.

3. He's proud of his daughter (gets points from me!)

So here's the thing: if the class is happening any time that's viable, go to it. Even ask if you can participate once or twice for free. Do that for other classes nearby. Grade the class on the energy, the people, your connection with the instructor, etc.

No one wants to be taught bullshit for self-defense--but even if you train to streetfight, I think a *lot* of what counts is conditioning, confidence, aggression, and ability/experience in "unwanted contact" (taking a hit--not necessarily having the 'iron chin'). In other words, for the first year of training probably anything decent will improve your odds in an unavoidable self-defense situation (clearly, some things, like BJJ, will be better in specific ones such as "thrown to the ground by surprise"--but I wouldn't let that dictate how I spend my nights unless I thought that was likely).

In other words: I'm not impressed with his web page--but it didn't offend me, and I'd check out the school :)


Thank you for the words of confidence. I'll keep him in mind then.

I know self defense is a big part of martial arts, I'm attracted to it more for the beauty of movement. When I imagine myself knowing an art I think of how pretty it'll look and how wonderful it will feel moving through a kata.

With that in mind, I wonder what kind of art would satisfy that desire of mind. To dance a martial art. *chuckles* Like ballet, only more Asian. *giggles*

I did find another place too that teaches Akido and Judo sponsored by the University here. I may end up browsing them too.

Kung Fu. Ba Gua in particular.

N.B. I'm speaking only with a passing familiarity absorbed from several friends who've seriously studied it.

There's a book on aikido, I don't recall the author, called "It's a Lot Like Dancing." And it is.

For that reason alone, you might prefer Aikido. It *is* a lot like dancing.

Or, you might like, oh fart, what's that Brazilian one called? The one that's basically dancing.

Capoiera. That's it. I'd like to take that one for a bit at some point, as it looks like a great way to enhance upper body agility and strength. It's entrancing to watch them "spar."

I'd echo what your friend described about that website. Hell, he may want his website redone. :) I've seen cheesy website stuff - noteably when I was training with California Martial Arts Academy in SoCal; they had this cute and clever little twitch where when you clicked on "more information" or something, it would show today's date as "Date Special Offer Expires." But the school itself was fantastic.

FWIW, I think you shouldn't judge a Dojo by its Website ;-)

Hapkido is a pretty good martial form IMHO, although I'm more into Aikido and Taiji my selves. I'd suggest checking it out a time or two and making a more honest assessment after that. What do you have to lose, aside from a few hours and maybe a few bucks? Most places will let you "audit" a class or two. You'll get a feeling of the Energy and whatnot of everything in person, rather than trying to judge his martial arts instruction by his ability to properly put together a website (which obviously is not his forte', but perhaps he was spending that time learning more about Hapkido).


Well, I found a place teaching Aikido, their website is nothing to brag about either, but it seems to be a place geared more towards adults and its closer to my house. I'm going to observe a class tonight. ^_^

Excellent! I'd be curious to hear your Experience.

i would be happy just to watch N lay the smack down.

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