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Martial Arts, cont'd
I went to the Aikido class last night to observe. The teacher was great, the student were cool and laid back, and it looked like a really good class.

Thing is... Aikido isn't what I want. I know that especially after seeing it up close. Yes, Aikido is very much like dancing... with another person. That wasn't quite the dancing I had in mind.

So what in the world am I talking about then??? *giggles*

I had an image in my head of what I wanted to do, I just needed to match that with reality. So I did some searching.

She is dancing. That's the kind of beauty I imagined. I am not sure Tae Kwon Do is "for me" but I'm starting to learn what I like and what I don't. I like the idea of moving like that. That's dancing. XD

It goes right back to what sparked this whole interest to begin with: kicking and "being pretty" (read: display of flexibility, balance, and flow).

Now... I'd have to find a school that focused on techniques and curriculum, body conditioning (stretching and endurance), forms (a really big deal for me, since I'm attracted to the art, I'd want to be able to flow through it on my own), and the focus on the mental stuff - discipline, confidence and the like.

Breaking stuff, sparring, testing. Don't care. I'll roll with it because it's a 'necessary evil' but my goals would have to be met first: Learning culture, conditioning, looking pretty, and thinking right. *giggles*

I'm doomed.

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(Deleted comment)
I liked Thai Chi very much when I took it. That's what I'm basing my desires off of.

I'm fit, flexible, and young. I want something faster while I can still do it! XD

The 16-year old boy in me just got excited by looking at this: (Muay Thai)

Now I know I'm dreaming there. *laughs*

If you like Tai Chi, but want something faster, take some type of Kung Fu.

Tai Chi Chuan is what the imperial guards used to defend the emperor.

It's plenty fast.

I don't suppose there is a capoeira school near you is there? I think you might really dig that style. Difficult but it's so amazingly beautiful.

*huffs* Definitely no such thing here. Not sure I'd be interested in it though. It's pretty, but not quite for me.

I've deduced that Muay Thai is for me and that I'm insane.

So this is probably my last musing on martial arts for a year or so. *chuckles*

you realize that's basically a body toughening art where you get beat on a lot and take it, right?

Hence the "and that I'm insane. "

I know exactly what kind of training is involved in Muay Thai.

I take that back. If there was a school here it would be a consideration.

Thing is, everyone's so hung up on self defense and competition that I'd get short changed here no matter what I went with. *pout*

That's why public listings of schools aren't necessarily going to find you the best schools. Find something and start, but keep an "ear" on the grapevine, ask around, look for schools that are small and quiet and don't advertise.

If you looked in a phone book for Master Rick's class, or Sensei Birt's class, you wouldn't find them - because they are small classes under the auspices of a larger school which provides studio space, liability coverage, and equipment.

In a year you might have found your Best Place, and be in shape and ready for it through focused work with the "good enough for now" school. And training in different arts over the years increases your physical vocabulary, you can pick out what works best for you and who knows? Maybe decades down the road develop something that you can teach others.

I know you have *that* potential. :)

yah, was gonna second the capoeira suggestion. first thing that popped into my head for you with this post ;)

that's a lovely vid. wish i could move like that, too.

Hey.. Knowing what you want is a GOOD step. it keeps you from getting too entrenched in what you DON'T want.

I'd second the Taiji, Muay Thai, and Capoeira--particularly Capoeira if your primary Intent is "Kicking, being Flexible, Balance, Flow, and Looking Pretty". I had a roommate who taught Capoeira, and it is Dancing. It's all about moving to a Rhythm (you should check out any Capoeira video on youtube or google video), and their "sparring" is a Dance where they don't physically connect.

And I'd be incredibly surprised if you couldn't find someone to teach you Capoeira in Florida, particularly since the Art came from the Carribean and South American slaves.

I don't need to go on about my love of Taiji, and Muay Thai is one of the best forms IMHO if you want a pragmatic Martial Form to defend yourself with. But I really think, for what you've stated you want, you couldn't do much better than Capoeira.

Happy Hunting!

I'm going to be starting here after I get health insurance again, just in case.

Motorcycle also on hold for the same reason.

btw, I disagree with all the other people giving advice 100%.

Don't consider it advice. The way I see it, I'm getting ideas and insight. ^_^

The very least I've done is researched everything mentioned here. Even if I do nothing, I walk away more educated.

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