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An Update
I know, I've been quiet.

Last night, 10:43 pm, I got a call from Christina.

Abbreviated for point:

"Can I come see you?"
*blink* "You mean see me like, you're in Pensacola?"
"No. Like I'm in Atlanta. Yes! I'm in Pensacola."

After walking her through getting to the house...

"Turn left on Michigan."
"But this street is Brent."
"Brent becomes Michigan, Christina."

... she pulled up into my driveway.

She was walking towards me and I shreiked when I saw something following her. I didn't know what it was, but I'd never seen a 4 month old miniture Pinchser before. This looks sorta like the one she had:

Her boyfriend had given "Gravie" to her for her birthday. There's a hell of a difference between mutts and breeds, as I learned playing with her puppy. He went out to relieve himself and got caught on a blackberry patch. We held him in the kitchen and removed as many thorns as we could find. I found one just under his penis. This dog held amazingly still while Joe removed it with some tweezers. @_@ Just... laid there.

Anyway. It's cute. The boyfriend totally gave a wonderful gift.

So, she laid over at my house because she was enroute to Navarre, but didn't know the address she was going to until her boyfriend called to let her know. She left here around 1am with instructions I printed out for her. She called me back about an hour later because she had missed the turn. She got there, eventually. However, she left her dog food here. So, I'm going to see her again before the weekend is out.

There was something else.... something I was thinking about posting for days now...

*shrugs* Oh well. I'm doing great.

Oh!!! I remember. My 2nd massage was this past Thursday. It was wonderful. I felt so 'spacey' afterwards. I told her I liked the big heavy warm blanket she put on me the first visit and she kept it on me longer, and even folded it so that my head could rest on it while I was on my back. (Might explain the wooziness too! *laughs*)

I rescheduled for mid June. I'm so looking forward to it. Pampering at its best.


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