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The White Russian Book
I read a review of a beading book on called the "White Russian Book." It is named thusly because the book is white and the language is Russian. The proper name of it is The Art of Bead Weaving by Maya Anufrieva. (not spelled Anifrieva like the review did)

Anyhow, thus sparked a long search I conducted to find this book.

This review made me want to find it even more. "It's an elusive find, but well worth the hunt!"

Me? Find something? It's my calling. *laughs*

Every other source I found referred back to those two mentions of the book. Somewhere along the search I read that it was originally published in 1999, quickly sold out, and only had one reprint in 2000. Since then it's become the 'envy of all beaders.'

Yeah, yeah, and that which I envy, I eventually come to own. *laughs*

Well, of course I have it! *laughs* I found it a few weeks ago on ebay and snatched it up. It took just that long for it to get to me from Russia. Also, and this should be of note, this is the one book that caused me to create an ebay account. I had been a proud ebay virgin until that day. Oh well.

It is a wonderful book, and my ability to read it is about as good as a 3 year olds. Yeah, it has been a long while. *laughs* Despite the fact that I don't have to read the book to learn from it, I want to read it. I have set about refreshing my Russian and translating the book, well, the parts that look informative.

I have translated about 3 bullet points on one page and I know for sure I want to translate the whole thing. What I'm translating looks like a recommendation for how to go about designing your own piece in a step by step manner. I can't leave nuggets like that untranslated!

Anyway, I'm happy I found it, and happier that I own it.

I said it's a wonderful book. This is why. From what I've seen browsing the book yesterday, each chapter shows you a technique, and then throughout that chapter it shows you how to create variations off that basic technique. It's a teaching book, not simply a project book. In fact, there are few start-to-finish type necklaces in it. One chapter covers rope stitches and then within that chapter is most likely a discussion of the skill, about 5 graphs of how to do different rope stitches, and about 20 different pictures of those techniques used, remixed, and combined.

My kind of book. Well worth the time to find it.

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If you need help, I'll be more than happy :)

Ohhh, Russian. I had once begun to study the language as I find it beautiful along with others many in this country feel appauled to hear lol. I know we have not spoken in a long time, but I wanted to let you know I am living in FL again if you'd wish to meet up sometime... and I had a question for you - 2-3 years ago you posted an entry with various samples of an artist who manipulated photos; namely landscapes. One such work I liked above all was a snow-covered woods with a red lake running through it. I'd be grateful if you could steer me in the direction of this artist's webpage ^_^

Otherwise, I hope all is well with you, and has been well over the past years. My story is a long one, but perhaps I shall fill you in one of these days lol. *hugs*


Sadly, that artist is no longer on the internet. His site went down several years ago.

Thankfully, I was so interested in his work that I saved all of it including some of the music he created. (I'm pretty sure I kept that.)

The one you're talking about is called Infestation. I ordered a print of it while I still could. Yay! I have it framed and everything.

Infestation I & II and a couple of my other favorites are in that directory. Check it out, save what you want, and comment back to let me know when I can clear it out.

Yeah, I figured something had to have happened, because I suddenly remembered the name "Infestation" and tried to google it, but it showed up nowhere. But thanks to you, my new personal savior ^_~, I have it once more!! *humps leg* Naturally, I immediately went to the site and saved both Infestations *thumbs up*

I know I haven't been the best with keeping in contact over the past 3 years or so, but I have not forgotten you or the kind gestures you made, despite my being hard-headed and wanting to conquer my own financial issues. Btw, I know you're a fan of RPG's (or at least MMORPG's), so here's a link to one of my latest journal entries that features an acquaintence of mine in CO that made a satirical "Zelda" movie.

So yeah... I shall be around and trying to keep in better contact ^_~

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