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Attn: MySpace People, esp with private info
dark star
I was doing a search and was linked to a myspace profile. I'm reading the information (cached) with (Private) on every header. I removed google's highlighting and couldn't see the page at all.

In short: Google searches myspace profiles marked at private.

Just an FYI to anyone who cares.

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Bianca, I'd like to hear more about this off-site if possible. It may be the germ of a story.

martinhbosworth AT gmail DOT com. ;)

sure thing. I'll send you the deets.

(Deleted comment)
You. Are. Silly.

The dude made his MySpace public after I told him anyway.

I did a search for "Bedlam Pensacola" and it came up. 1 of 5 results or so. *laughs*

Here's his DJ page, better than the personal page anyway

Keep us posted about this. Seriously.

I tried to find a profile I knew was private (even knowing the URL) and couldn't find it through Google, fwiw.

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