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Jewelry / Beadwork Summary
For those who are curious, but not tapped into the other sources, here's a summation of my work thus far.
Those other sources being:
I changed the gallery to Flickr instead of Livejournal. I like Flickr's layout and visibility.
So, at any time, every single piece can be seen at

For exposition, there's the Jewelry Blog proper ( or nysidra_jewelry. That's updated within 24 hours of me finishing something.

With that all out of the way...

I've got a few personal designs lined up to create. The one I'm in the middle of now I conceived as being a "summer rainbow" necklace. Lots of loops and I bought lots of pale colors to go with white.

While lining up these colors (pink, yellow, uber-light green, sky blue, lavender) something curious happened...

*picks pink*
I can't have pink without red. I know I have a translucent red around here.
... Red has to transition to orange first. *gets out the trans-orange*
*lines up yellow and pale green*
I should have a darker translucent green too...

And so on with a dark blue and trans-purple.

I go about making the first part of the necklace which adds a bit of each color. Having to use the bathroom I stood up and walked away. Backing away from the necklace, I got a "overall" view of what I was creating...

Oh my gawd, that is gayer than Memorial Day.
(This is a joke only citizens of Pensacola will get off the bat. Memorial Day is a GLBT celebration at Pensacola Beach.)

My other "in the works" piece is a gray / pink chandelier type of necklace. Mostly fringe. I wanted to do something in pink even though I don't favor the color. When I saw the crystals / beads I really warmed up to the prospect.

After that I have a silver necklace I want to make from a design called "Carmen's lace."

And then... I found a good supplier of Miyuki bugles in sizes I wanted. So I ordered a decent supply of gold, silver, black, white, and gunmetal colored bugles to experiment with. There is a chapter in my "White Russian" book that teaches some amazing techniques I want to experiment with.

Oh, I also need to put a headdress on my to-do list. All this time Mom said she didn't particularly want me to make her anything until she saw a picture of the headdress and went gaga for one.

And that's where I stand.


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