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Korean Toilet
I'm watching this Korean horror movie and in the bathroom scene, the toilet had a remote-like device next to it.

I had to pause the movie and inspect this further:

I found the device quickly, along with...

Detailed Product Description

1.Man-machine engineering design;
2.Warm and comfortable antibacterial seat;
3.Built-in automatic body sensor;
5.Water filtering;
6.Warm water washing;
7.Dual nozzles for:
a) Common use (family use);
b) Bidet (feminine use);
8.Self cleaning nozzles;
9.Washing position adjustable;
10.Moving spraying (back and forth);
12.Warm air drying;
13.Lid and seat buffer (slow down);
14.Energy Saving;


After a bit of research, I learned I could have one... for $700-1300.

Note to self:

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My husband's parents have two of those kind of toilets in their houses. After living in Japan, they got used to them, and when they built their house in NM, they installed them there too. It's funny, but whenever we visit them, I look forward to that warmed toilet seat, especially after an 8 hour drive! Never thought I'd be so enthusiastic about a toilet.

In the second Crocodile Dundee movie, where he goes to New York, there is a scene with him in a fancy hotel trying to figure out why there are 2 toilets. His NY lady friend won't tell him, and goes out to catch a cab. Crocodile then leans out the window and shouts out to her that he figured out that the second toilet is for washing your bumm.

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