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Anniversary Post
After going back and looking in my journal. This is a necessary post.

We've been married 3 years, not 4. *laughs*

Neither one of us can count, but yeah, we've known each other 4 years, and May 15th, 4 years ago was the day we met, so... *shakes head* Who really cares? Clearly, neither one of us do that much.

So, next year, when I lose count again, there will be this marker. We've been waiting for this day since March, when we keep wondering if we missed the day yet (month that begins with "M").

I actually thought it was last month for some reason... 0.o No clue. (day that ends in "-teenth")

Doing anything special? You're looking at it (as far as I know).

I can't be expected to take an anniversary date seriously if my idea of a wedding ceremony was telling the notary at UPS to "Sign this."

It's all good in the neighborhood. Just like I prefer it.

But seriously, he's good people, even if I get pissy at times. It's not often, and that's golden.

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Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Hey, it's the knowing and loving that counts...not the number of moments you've been married. OTOH, Chris and I will have been gleefully wedded 31 years on May 22nd. That really doesn't seem possible. Didn't he just walk up to me a few months ago and ask me if I knew anything about pocket knives? Yep...I married me a magician. ;-)

Better late than never.

Happy Anniversary, hun! Sorry I missed it. Hope you two enjoyed the day together at least. = )


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