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The Stand-Up Comedian List
Incredibly Not Funny. Not even a giggle.

Pablo Francisco
Russel Peters
Dave Chapelle
Carlos Mencia
Greg Geraldo

Sometimes I giggle.

Lewis Black
Eddie Izzard
Paton Oswald
Dylan Moran
Jeff Dunham
Chris Rock

Occasionally Laugh out loud.

Mike Epps
Jim Carr
Ron White
Stephen Lynch

OMGWTF Laughter. Can. Not. Breathe.

Dane Cook
Christopher Titus

Remember, if they aren't on this list, I have not seen anything they've done in the past week.
Whether or not you think I'll find them funny, I want to give the person a chance. So clue me in on who's missing. (If they are not "currently" stand-up comedians, don't worry about it. I'm covered on the former greats.)

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I'm a big fan of Bill Hicks (r.i.p.) but if you see the wrong performance it's more of an anti-Big Brother seminar than a stand-up routine.

Denis Leary was pretty funny when he was ripping off Bill Hicks, and now he's more of a Bill Cosby "My kids do funny things that drive me crazy" kind of guy.

Your post will cause me to seek some of these guys out, because on your list I've only ever seen Lewis Black, and I put him in the OLOL category. (Wait I reread your list: I've also seen, and agree with your assessment of Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle.) They've been parodying Dane Cook on MAD TV a lot lately, but I've never seen him.

Bill Hicks! *grins* Nice to see another fan. XD

OMG I love Ron White, which I was totally not expecting. I'll have to check out Dane Cook and Christopher Titus.

PS I adore Margaret Cho, although when she gets preachy she can be a bit annoying.

how can Chapelle be so far down on your list? seeing a gifted guy like him in the company of that no-talent hack Mencia makes me twitch. maybe you watched the wrong Chapelle that just blows my mind.

He doesn't make me laugh. No, not even giggle. I can understand how he might be amusing, but he doesn't amuse me. His subject matter ... bores me.

I'm basing this on suffering through several (5) random episodes of the Chapelle show. I kept watching them because people kept trying to convince me that he's "OMGWTF" funny. *shakes head* Not.

*loads a 6th show* ... (00:40) Reefer ... (01:11) Race ... race ... race ... race... race ... feces ... (7:47) Rappers (vaguely amusing) ... (10:10) If the President was black...

Dave Chapelle can be surmised in two words: Drugs & Racism.

to be fair, I'd affix the following phrase to Dane Cook:

Adolescent sugar rush.


fair enough. he does talk about race, weed, and man vs. woman quite disproportionally. but i think his delivery skill is really what sets him apart from the crop. if you haven't seen his stand-up special, Killing Them Softly, i'd suggest checking it out before passing a final judgement.

oh, btw Eddie Izzard sometimes is so-so to me, but a few of his DVDs leave me in absolute stitches..

Chapelle's routines are predictable, trite, and his timing is horrible. I've remained in bewilderment regarding his popularity since day one. I love drugs and racism, but Chapelle doesn't find anything new in either.

Also, David Cross: FUCKING AMAZING!

*writes down David Cross*

I'll check it out. Thank you. ^_^

...and why am I not surprised that a discussion of comedy is nearly as passionate as a discussion of politics / religion? *giggles*

Maaaan. *laughs* My sense of humor is so different than yours. I <3 Pablo Francisco and Dave Chapelle is pretty funny too.

(Deleted comment)
I'll definitely check him out. Thanks!

Can't stand Mencia, he's a fucking hack. But then to me, Dane Cook is just a product of the myspace generation. He's not funny at all. Eddie Izzard is pretty good. And I like Chappelle, but to each their own. :)

And maybe go try and rent some Jim Gaffigan or John Pinette. I like them both.

Definitely check out Doug Stanhope. Kind of a Bill Hicks philosophy, not as mystical, creatively obscene but not for the sake of shock... black humor at its best.

Exactly who I was going to recommend. Master of the absurd simile.

the problem is...

Bill Hicks is just WAY over your head....

First off, I'll give a big seconding to Bill Hicks and David Cross. Funny, funny men. Now, I'd like to suggest Bob Saget.


No, I'm serious. Bob "Full House" Saget. His stand-up comedy is *amazing*. It's like it's every dirty, perverse thought he had in making ten years of television dreck, crystallized and placed before you, like a crystal decanter of dogshit. So funny, it hurts.

Izzard so far down your list? For shame...

Pablo Francisco I can understand, and Russell Peters I've seen live in Dubai a few months ago and he was alright. But Izzard, I'd give anything to have seen his older performances like Glorious or Definite Article

You need to be introduced my dear to Bill Bailey, especially 'Part Troll'.

That's one part of 10 that's the whole show split onto YouTube I think...give it a go! He blends stand-up and music seamlessly.

There's also a not very well-known Iranian stand-up Omid Djalili (he had a minor appearance in Gladiator, if I recall correctly), here's my favorite bit for him:

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