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I am silly.
So I'm browsing "natural hair" pictures on Flickr so that I can inform my future hair stylist (when I find hir) of my goals.

I came across these two photos:

and I thought, "Fuck, I totally want that that hair."

Then's there's this mental tap on my shoulder, followed by, "Um, Bianca, that is your hair, you twit."

I think it's the brownishness to it, and it's "holding" better and not fluffing as much or something. It has to be. *chuckles*
Mine is different.


Anyway, she looks hot with "our" hair. *laughs*

Credit to the photographer: Tilo
He's got a gaggle of natural hair shots, for those interested in browsing.

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I don't know her, but I like her a lot. *swoon*

Last one. I promise!

Gah! Beauty! *ded*

I love your natural hair! I wish more black women would play with their natural textures and stop using relaxers.

the two of you almost have the same hair type exactly - From what I can tell your curls are just a little bit tighter.

There are natural gels/serums you can use to just loose the girls a bit. You put it in your hair while it's wet and let it air dry and you get more of a cork-screw look to your 'fro (I believe Oyin has a serum ...).

Yeah! You should *really* look through this guys collection. There are oodles of great black hair / fashion shots. I mean... more than I've ever seen in one spot. I was totally thinking of you.

Another thing that's different is that my hair is much shorter on the sides. So I'll probably need to focus on getting that more "in line" as were.

It would just be so easy to find someone who could coach me through it and help me whip it into shape. I've been clipping my own split ends and *that's* one big reason why it's longer in the back. I can't see!

But you're definitely right, it's the corkscrew that I lose. I know the potential is there. Our hair types are just too close!

I was thinking of this this from Oyin.

Or you could probably use a natual styling gel made from aloe vera.

Ooo! Thank you for the linkage.


I think that black women who take a stand and insist on keeping their hair natural are doing a great thing. I mean, if God wanted every black woman to have straight sleek hair, he'd give it to them, y'know? And I know how much I hate having my hair done, and how much time that black women invest in their hair, and I'm like "DUDE. Stop driving yourself crazy and love what God gave ya."..

I think any woman who can be happy and have pride in what God gave them is beautiful. Period, end of sentence.

does natural hair take more work? i decided to see what my hair's natural state was, sans brushing/combing/grooming beyond washing. the answer: matted, like a cat. not cute.

Um... there's natural, and then there's lost on an abandoned island. *chuckles* You seemed to try the latter.

Natural means not chemically changing the shaft of the hair follicle. Meaning, if you have straight hair. Then wearing your hair natural would be "straight" if it's curly, then natural would be naturally curly. Other maintenance and upkeep is quite similar.

Natural hair has the benefit of not falling out because your beautician / relative / or friend made a mistake and fried your hair to bits.

Brushing, combing and grooming... that's all very natural.

how are dreadlocks made? are they specially formed, or is that what happens when black hair gets stranded on a desert island?

i guess i wanted to see if i could induce dreading in a white girl. it "worked", in that the mats were locked & impossible to untangle. it didn't work in that i looked like an outdoor cat, irregularly matted with no shape.

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle. They take nurturing and care, but the "lock" is allowed to do its thing. The hair isn't combed, per se, but it is washed and moisturized. When someone decides to create a dread style, they'll either twist or braid the size dreads they want and over time they "lock." Left alone on a desert island even a black person would just have a head full of nappy, matted hair, not dreads.

so matted is a universal left alone on a desert island natural state.

I probably haven't paid attention to your most recent pics, but that's the hair style with which you're stashed in the depths of my memory. What does it look like now?

The link in the main post is how my hair looks.

I have a consultation set up with a stylist (please let this one have the talents I need).

I think I need to grow it longer in the front, get it highlighted, and sweet talk my corkscrews into chilling out just a teeny bit.

Oh. For some reason I thought that was an old picture.

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