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Songs Lost but not Forgotten
If I've ever made this post, then I can't find it.

It should be a phone post, but hey, we'll run with this for the moment.

Once upon a time I threw out all my old tapes. Dumb.

There are songs I should have kept. Songs which I can start singing and Darius, Amanda, and Christina will chime in on. Stuff I exposed them to that they'll never be able erase from memory.

I'm going to find them. I have to. Thankfully, I know they came from either Hearts of Space, Echoes, Acoustic Interlude, or Thistle & Shamrock, or some other show on NPR cira 1993-1996.

Song #1: Ba Ba Ruuk
Baba rook baba ruuk have you seen baba ruuk?

No! That's not the lyrics. That's the lyrics we superimposed on this middle eastern song I had. I want this one pretty tough. That was a fun song.

Song #2: ... I can't even spell this out.
It's in french sorta like "Jean Mataloo..."

Song #3: Budah Yay *giggles*
This one definitely came from Thistle & Shamrock. It was sang in a round. I could sing it in our superimposed lyrics, but spell it?
... no. I'm not going to do that. Phone post later. I promise.

Song(s) #4: Metamorphosis
This one is a personal quest. It's an instrumental song that I made up this entire "hand dance" too that tracks a being running through the woods changing as it ran out to a clearing and then up to a cliff, where it jumped off, flew down, dove into the water and changed even more to a watery being and passed over into this spiritual place. Using my hands I made up this entire play to this series of songs. It never changed.

Song #5: Violin & Bass
I heard this one courtesy of a music station via cable. I may *never* find it again, but when I do, there will be much screaming. It's a song with violin, bass, a male chanter, and a female chanter. Very slow, haunting, beautiful.


Because I was packing for college. I didn't have the room to bring a box full of tapes, and I didn't feel like keeping them in storage at Mom's house. So I did the bullshit-spiritual thing and just pitched them in a trashcan.

However, out of a box of tapes, I am only missing 5 songs. 0.o

Anyway. Hearts of Space will charge me for access to their archives from 1983-2007.

I just hope I'm paying to bark up the right tree.

*Update in Comments*

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I am trying *so* hard not to start screaming / squealing.

I found part of #4!

Like I suspected, it's Native American, but it's the end of my "play", after the dive into the water and emerging into the spirit land. My tape cuts out at the middle of this song.

... *big grin* But now I know what year I was making these tapes.

the song is Essence, btw. :P

There is this thing called "newsgroups". I found this thing called "Hearts of Space #798 - Transformation" on there. I can't send it to you, it's 66mb.

I also found other stuff by Hearts of Space, too.

I couldn't find any of the others you talk about. =\

Oh *grins* No worries. I paid the $3 to listen to the entire archives for a few days.

The problem is my radio station had an hour called Echoes and Clouds hosted by a volunteer. There's no archive or playlist I can look up for those shows, and I'm sure the other ones came from there.

Thanks for looking though. *grins*

That's funny, I was actually guessing that #4 was a Dead Can Dance song, but it was #4 instead!

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