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Dead Can Dance
I've often been told I should listen to this group, but never did.

Guess what? One of the songs I'm looking for? *laughs*

Towards the Within by Dead Can Dance

It's Parts 1 & 2 of the Metamorphosis "play."

Part 3 Choral by David Darling

Part 4 Essence by Peter Krater


I only had to listen to all of 1994's archive and was 3 shows into 1993. *laughs*

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Dead can Dance is great. Have you heard Miasma and the Carosel of Headless Horsemen, Estradasphere or Secret Chiefs 3?

No to all of the above, to my knowledge, at least.

I love me some DCD. LOVE!

I've been a DCD fan for about 17 years now (1990 i think it was). I fell in love with Lisa's voice and Brandon turned into the type of voice and drummer I strived to be.

If you ever have a need for any of their music, *grin* let me know.

I've been to see them twice in concert. Once in 96 or 97 i think it was, and another time in 2005 at the Radio City Music Hall... Center Stage, front row, MAYBE 15-20 feet from her. It was damn near a religious experience.

Here's aver 200 pics from the show

Thanks for the link. Looks like they really know how to put on a good show.

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