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Hair Highlights
I did the deed today and went to a stylist. She was great. She listened to me and took her time with my hair. (3.5 hours! XD)

I got my highlights plus the standard trim. I still rinsed and re-conditioned my hair though. My hair just has to be done in the shower. I don't even want to show you what it looks like after a comb has been through it while dry.

Joe said I looked like a poodle. >_<

Anyway, the pictures are post poodle puff.

Hair pics via facebook

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Very pretty!

You like the same highlights I do. The last time I dyed my hair I used a reddish-brown highlight.

Yeah, I'm really glad I got the color right with the stylist too. I love the way the sun gives my hair a slightly all-over auburn look.

And... I'm triply *giggles* happy that the hair stylist was a competent and was able to give me exactly what I wanted.

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