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I find it exceedingly shady that LJ wants to sell permanent accounts before "Clarifying our policies so that it's easier to understand what kinds of content Six Apart is either unwilling to host or legally unable to host.


I've had a perm account since 2002 or somewhere there abouts. The 4 years worth of time it was paying for itself I was extremely proud and happy to have a livejournal.

Of course, if your journal content is squeaky clean, white bread conservative reading and consists only wholesome mundane typicalness, what do you care who isn't welcome to express their hearts and minds, right?


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I'm trying to decide if I want to cough up $150 or not. It's still a lot of money, and my budget is still tight. And after the misadventure with the whole 'strikeout' mess, and with the WFI people still prowling around, I am not sure if I want to give 6A my hard earned money.

I'm going to take a wait-and-see stance.

The problem seems to be that they are so busy trying to placate the offended users, they haven't bothered to figure out how to do that. The fact is, I don't think they've defined any terms of service because they never had to until now. So, they are unprepared. But they don't want us to think that, so they react and offer without knowing what is worthwhile for us.

This is the big issue with everything around here. Everything for 6A's benefit, nothing for ours.

And... *taking a breath following my rant below* ...going to any other blogging service won't change a thing. It's the current climate. The internet is popular now. It has attention. That means it's going to end up being as controlled as possible.

I liked Livejournal more when it was an unregulated free for all. It was fun.

That's *never* coming back.

Get U-Haul and move to SquareSpace

I love my blogging service. rocks.

Maybe I'm not dirty enough?

You know, I didn't really follow a lot of the Strikethrough2007 mess. From what I got, LJ deleted (or 'put on hold') a series of journals that dealt with material that wasn't just sexual in nature, but was directed at children (under the age of 16). I can't really fault them for that. Perhaps they should have taken more time to actually look at each journal before acting, but I can understand their need to move fast if they felt laws were being broken.

That being said, the $150 deal is aimed at placating the masses. Doesn't look like its doing its job.

Personally, I've been on here since the dawn of LJ (circa 2001). I've never had a problem. Of course, most of my material is "friends only", so there won't be any outsiders strolling through my journal. I'm very curious to see where this is going.


I'm just a dirty sympathizer

"that wasn't just sexual in nature, but was directed at children (under the age of 16)"

Not only did that not happen, but people who do keep journals with that material was not, and remains, untouched.

Slash stories, non-consensual stories, BDSM communities, and communities that had had keywords like you mentioned where gone.

I know pedophiles are the satanists of the 21st century, but fuck that. It's not illegal to want to fuck someone under the age of 18. It's illegal to do it. It's immoral to talk of it. Fine. No, I'm not gung ho about standing up for the right for someone to fantasize sodomizing a 10 year old, but still, I'm doing it. I'm also all about defending the communities writing about two related adults screwing like rabbits. Blurring the lines of "permission" in stories is perfectly okay as well.

It's just stupid. Okay, so hating on pedophiles is popular. I can get why, but damn it, it's popular to hate on a lot of other "immoral" habits too. Drug use, underage drinking, homosexuality, and murder are all equally illegal to varying degrees in many parts of the world. Should we not discuss, make stories about, or discuss in an intricate manner these things either? Because there are communities that do, and it's not legal, and it could harm a child too.

The whole "but this is about the children" bullshit is tired and old and rot and die along with the "sex is worse than violence" mentality. I don't like SA's connotation that they're going to draw up some vague line about who is welcome and who isn't based on someone's arbitrary pseudo-legal morals.

Granted, SA/LJ is just doing what the rest of the world of doing. It's the in thing now. There's a new Satan in town and everyone's lining up to lynch the his new archetype.

I'm not buying it, and I'm not amused. If SA/LJ created a policy that no discussion of illegal activity is going to be allowed on LJ. I would stand behind their efforts, but that is not the case.

I have never had a problem with LiveJournal. I have no reason to even be bothered. I would not be affected by any changes they made. I deleted my erotic stories journal years ago. I have a permanent account for goodness sake.


I just think they if they are going to change the rules, it's better to lay those rules out before asking people to join for life.

But that's really naive of me since the ToS has always read:

"We own you and anything you write. We reserve the right to screw you over without warning. We can change these rules whenever we feel like it."

Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Re: I'm just a dirty sympathizer

No, I'm not gung ho about standing up for the right for someone to fantasize sodomizing a 10 year old, but still, I'm doing it.
As am I. Because the speech that needs protecting is not the populat speech, not the superficial clever babble, but the UNpopular speech, the darker byways of the human mind.

It's easy to stand up for fluffybunnyrainbowkittens and lolcats. It's hard to stand up for someone whose fantasies disgust you. Regardless of the legality of the action, the thought is still legal and writing about it is still covered by free speech.

If SA/LJ start limiting our ability to speak our minds, then they will reduce this community to a meaningless Tower of Babel, got for memes, birthday wishes, lolcats and virtually nothing of value. If I were to write stuff about my intentions to predate upon real people, then LJ would be quite within their rights to ban my journal and report me to the local authorities as a potential predator. Fiction, fantasy, even "porn" (whatever that is) is not illegal.

It's one of the vital functions of fiction to give us a place to read and write about things we'd never do in real life. It's a safety valve, not an instruction manual.

Re: I'm just a dirty sympathizer

that would be "good for memes"

Re: I'm just a dirty sympathizer

I agree. The thoughts may disgust me but that doesn't mean they aren't covered in free speech.

I'm glad this is all old stuff because otherwise I'd be worried about my journal being in question. Sure my journal is not about being a pedophile or anything unaccepted like that but at times I have gotten graphic about sex and well... it's MY journal.

I still want a permanent account and I think it's a little annoying that it's only a special offer thing every once in a great while. I have managed to miss the opportunity every time and have just decided not to pay for my account anymore until I can save up the money and buy a permanent one the next time it's offered. I won't let them have my money until I know it's the last time I'll ever have to pay them. I feel silly wanting to pay them for a journal at all but LJ has been the only constant journal/diary that I have ever managed to keep up. I just hope that when I do get a permanent account they don't decide my journal is too controversial just because I talk about sex in it... although most of my dirty entries are private I wouldn't put it past a company to start screening those too. Of course that would be enough to make me leave LJ and I sure hope that never happens.

I've only ever kept one other online journal and was very upset because I loved the site but they went out of business and I hadn't backed up my content because it hadn't even occurred to me to do so. They offered the recovered entries to me but I know they didn't recover all of it because my first entry with them was titled first entry and it wasn't there. Those were treasured memories that I recorded because I knew I wouldn't remember it all and now I have no way to get them back...

wow I'm sorry I went way off subject but anyways I agree freedom of speech is being compromised no matter how disgusting the things these people are saying may be. And just as a side note: back up your journals on your computer so you don't lose them.

Re: I'm just a dirty sympathizer

You know, I think I'm going to have to agree with you.

I was seriously contemplating a perm account, but this whole ordeal is the sole reason why I haven't done so. I still use a free account, and I'm thinking it'll stay that way, more than likely.

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