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No-frills Strawberry Compote
I made this for my waffles this morning. Simple, yet tasty.

Yields: enough to cover 4 eggo waffles

In a saucepan (the tiny water-boiling pot)
6 frozen strawberries
Just enough white grape juice to cover the bottom of the pot.

Cover. Heat on medium until the strawberries are soft.
Uncover, break up the strawberries with a spoon.

Keep it uncovered and continue cooking until the mixture is "topping grade." *laughs*
Approx time from start: 15 minutes

I poured it out into another tiny container to let it cool while I dark toasted my waffles. I poured my strawberries over each waffle and it worked out perfectly.

Taste: strawberrily tangy. I didn't have orange juice or zest like most of the recipes I read called for, and I don't like adding sugar to fruit (or anything). So, to my palate, it was sweet.

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I made up a blenderized no-cook variety.

Half dozen largeish strawberries, cut up a bit
Handful dried cranberries, the kind sweetened only with apple juice

Run in blender with just enough water to get things moving. It's thick like *real* (not fake) maple syrup, which means a bit on the thin side, but barely sweet, and sharp enough to work with bland or slightly over-sweet bready things.

Oooh.. Recipe saving time =)!

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