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*does a little dance*
hell yeah
Thunder (my Saturn) has been paid off.

It's funny, because I haven't dealt with the people who had the loan since day 1. I actually researched their number 2 months ago and wrote it down on the day I thought my car would be paid off.

So I called this morning and the woman is like, "Your loan has been paid off, we suspended automatic deductions, and we mailed you your title, contract letter (and something else) on Friday."

"That's what I was calling to ask," I said with an audible grin.

I could hear her grinning on the other line too and she closed up the call.


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Congrats! Great feeling, eh? Are you going to hold on to her for a while, or trade her in for something different?

The past two months have been an epic struggle *not* to trade her in. I love that Aura Saturn has out now, and just last week they sent me a advert saying they'd pay 115% bluebook, give me 0% financing, and some other gimmick if I would *please* trade my car in for a new one.


My car is a good car. I've had little trouble to speak of other than not screwing my gas cap tight enough. It makes no sense for me to get a new car when the one I have works like a jewel.

Nope, I'm going to continue to resist the shiny new car temptation and pay down my last credit card. (All $3k of it. lol)

Definitely a wise choice. I know the shiny-car temptation, but man... no car-payment is nice!


I remember how I felt when I paid off my first car. It's a sweet feeling!!

Rockin'. It's really quite an accomplishment to pay a car off like that!

Hi. I found your journal through the following bizarre chain:
Google: Netted necklaces. Return hit to:
Your Flickr account (OMG! Gorgeous work, all of it!). Link to:
Your blog. Link to:
Your LJ.

So I've read your first page of open entries and you seem like a neat person. So I'm friending you. No need to friend back if you're hesitant - I just figured you might want to know where this bizarre out-of-the-blue friending came from. :-p

Oh, and in case my admiration didn't come through adequately...

Your beadwork = SQUEEEEEEEEEE! :-p


I follow breadcrumbs like that to all kinds of interesting sites and people.

Welcome to my journal.

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