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The Magnificent 4 Do Atlanta
Christina has some kind of name for us, I think it's the Magnificent 4, *shrugs* Who knows? We ran.

Herein I detail all 5 days...

Tuesday, 3-July

Darius and Amanda roll up to my house extremely past the time we agreed on (Tuesday morning), but it was okay, because we originally planned to leave Wednesday morning. I don't like evening driving, but... I did it anyway.

We arrived into Atlanta around 2am.

Wednesday, 4-July

Christina and her "she stays with me during the summer so that she's closer to work" roommate took us to this Bar-B-Q that happens every year. They are friends of the people throwing it. Lots of people everywhere. We eat a bit of food, hang around, and then off.

We go to the Regal cinema at Atlantic Station, nice spot. The movie was of course made of pure awesome. We walked around Atlantic Station a precious bit. We were all hungry.

The Varsity
One of my cousin's favorite places to eat. We pulled into the drive-in and had a small argument about why we couldn't go inside. Varsity was on the "lets write down and schedule all the stuff we want to do so that we don't forget anything" itinerary for tomorrow. I lobbied on Darius' side that we go to the Varsity again, but go inside next time. So we just order a "snack."

Back at Christina's house she makes spaghetti. I'm pretty sure Punkin stopped by the house to see us.

Thursday, 5-July

World of Coca-Cola
They rebuilt this place, so we went to check it out. It was neat, but there were things I missed from the original place. We took a fabulous picture together, did the tour thing, and Amanda took 2 bottles of coke with her on the way out. (One to drink, one to save.) I enjoyed myself. The great irony? I don't even like drinking coke. *laughs*

Georgia Aquarium
More aquatic animals than you can shake a stick at. The most memorable sights were the sea dragon, the jelly fish, the whale sharks, and the uber-huge fish whose name began with a B.

The Varsity
Again. We sat inside and made a contest. Whoever didn't eat everything they ordered had to wear the Varsity hat home. Christina nearly failed, but the thought of her driving us around with a red and white paper cap on caused her to lift a shaky hand to her mouth and feed herself the rest of her hot dog. Much laughter.

That evening. Genius here. Yes, me, selected "delete all frames" on her digital camera.
There's no photographic evidence of July 5th. My bad.

I am pretty sure this was the night we visited Punkin's apartment and went out to dinner at Longhorn with her boyfriend. Which is confusing, because at some point, the 4 of us went to Paschal's for dinner. *head scratch* Totally can't remember.

Friday, 6-July

Sci-trek museum
Darius said this place was cool. If it was, we'll never know. Darius spent some time with his father. Christina had a birthday party to go to. That left me with her "I don't really know streets in Atlanta let me call a friend to help you" directions to meet Darius downtown.

The instructions were probably great. I got an anxiety attack on one of the exits and fucked it up. Darius' father found me instead and then led us to the museum. Turns out Sci-trek had been turned into the Titanic exhibit, which was closed.

So Darius, Amanda, and I went to IKEA while Christina ran her errand. We walked through it in maybe an hour. I didn't buy anything. I just wanted to look. I'd never been in an IKEA. ^_^

Perimiter Mall
Okay, Christina truly did screw up these directions. The IKEA let out on 75, and she gave us instructions as if we were going to get on 75/85. Anyway, I only passed Marietta by about 15 miles. So, U-turn and back on track, I get to the Dillard's in Perimiter. With the combined powers of an on going sale, a 30% off everything on top of that sale, and Punkin's 25% store discount, I bought $200+ shoes and clothes for around $100.

Surin of Thailand
Amanda and I wanted Thai. Christina still hadn't gotten around to the birthday party visit she needed to make. Darius wasn't interested in either. After much bargaining, Darius came with us, and I followed Superb directions from a person Punkin found. Chicken Panang Curry. OMG delicious.

I gave Darius my car keys. Great decision. He got us from Midtown to the highway and to Christina's house without incident. Yay. No more getting lost for today!

Saturday, 7-July

Dave & Busters
We had a great lunch, played some games, and went back home. The plan was to take it easy before Sunday.

Okay, I'm really at a lost about when we ate what for dinner. (There was a lot of eating.) I know we ate at Paschal's before going to Longhorn, but we had to see Punkin before we went to the mall. And she stopped by Christina's house before we went to hers. *blur*

Sunday, 8-July

Six Flags
Blessed is the overcast, rainy Sunday. We were there, not at gate opening, like we planned, but very close after. Amanda was converted to rollercoaster freakdom. Her maiden voyage? The Goliath. Okay, it wasn't her first rollercoaster, just the first one she's ever enjoyed. She was actually crying as we got closer. All 3 of us were trying to convince her that she didn't have to be afraid. The kicker? I told her to scream when she got scared instead of trying to hold it in.
There is photographic evidence of Amanda grinning ear to ear on the ride, and towards the end? She even held her hands in the air. Woot!

Deja vu even worked. We rode it, and then it didn't work anymore. I believe in magic baby. Hells yes.

We rode: Georgia Cyclone, Agoraphobia, Goliath, Mindbender, Batman, Deja vu, and the Great American Scream Machine (sour note).

Tired as *hell* we all ate at Friday's and then went back to the house where we just chilled.

Monday morning I rounded us all up at 5am and drove us back to Pensacola, where I am now, still on vacation until Wednesday.

There was only one clash of the personalities with Darius and Christina, but Punkin came over and mediated. It was pretty @_@. If Amanda got a dollar for every time Christina and Darius yelled at each other, she'd have $19. We know, she counted. *laughs*

I had fun. All was awesome.

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I was so sure there would be pictures behind the cut!

Maybe I'll have to visit Atlanta some day.

Awww - this made me miss Hotlanta!

My sister lived there for almost 12 years and I would go down and spend two weeks with her every summer vacation. Good times!

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