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Oh yeah!
I own a scanner. *chuckles*

From left to right:
Christina (21), Darius (18), Amanda (16), and Me (27)

Yes. I'm short.

To make up for pictures I destroyed I went to the "wayback machine" (read: a physical photo album) and scanned the few pictures I had of the 4 of us, somewhat together.

They grew. I totally did not.

I really can't tell you when these were taken.

Me, Christina, Darius

Mom, Me, Christina, Darius, Amanda
The disney vacation (a special hell)

Christina, Me, Amanda
on a tour boat in New Orleans (can't remember for what)

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Ya'll are just too damned cute!

And I can tell you're family because of those smiles :D

That last picture takes me back.

I miss Nola...

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