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Car stereo searching
Prelude: Thunder has stopped playing my CD-R/Ws. It's touch and go, and going more by the day. Since I prefer my burned CDs to my bought ones, I want a new system.

Okay, there are enough geeks out there, so what's the problem?

Why am I still living in a world where you can't search for electronics by spec? Audio, video, computers, cars - seriously guys, seriously.

I do not care about price, model, or brand. Not even a little.

Specs and features. That's it. That's the initial way I've ever looked for something and it's irritating as all get out when that's the last thing you're told about a product.

*rolls eyes*

And no, it's not fun "comparing" products when what you want to do is *compare all* against what you're looking for, i.e. search by spec.

So... I'll just jot this down for another time.

Car Stereo
Size: DIN

CD-R/W compatible
CD, mp3, aac playback
nice to have: self-hiding faceplate (will accept detachable), hd/satellite radio ready

THD: <2%
Signal to noise ratio: 94+ dB
RMS Wattage: 20Wx4+
Voltage pre-out: 4+
Amp type: MOSFET

Don't care who makes it or what it looks like or what it costs. I'll evaluate those after my list has been checked off.


Current winner is the Pioneer DEH-P5900iB. Interesting enough, a receiver in this 'series' was the first one I found and liked. The site was the biggest help of all.
*ahem* 6900 ... the idea of creating folders on my flash drive rather than burning CDs is quite enticing.

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Off the top of my head - have you tried the Crutchfield catalog?

I know all their paper catalog listings were spec-heavy. Always got my car stereos through Crutchfield. Never had any complaints.


My co-worker said that to me as well at lunch.

They are the *best* I've found, and they helped me make my decision too. *see post update*

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