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Beading Update
Despite the time of this post, I'm not up late. I'm up early. *laughs*

I got bored and listless around 6pm and went to sleep.

Anywho, I thought I'd add in some pics of the last 4 necklaces I've made to show off for those who only read this journal. All of them were designed by me.


Black Tie, choker version of Oceana.

Crystal (made with clear quartz)

Blue Elegance

And some others...
Devil Red and Khepri.

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Did you ever get my email about the book arriving?

Thank you again! :D

*giggles* I did, but it was like crack-o-clock in the morning. I'm very glad it got to you so quickly. Hope you enjoy. I look forward to reading your review! *wink*

Wow, gorgeous! I'm gonna have to get off my ass now and start actually finishing projects or something.

Thanks for posting pics; they're inspiring me to actually do something. :)

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