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Reading & Expecting
I recently finished reading "Dead Witch Walking" by Kim Harrison. I've started "The Good, the Bad, and the Undead," the second in the series. I've tried to read a few other books this year, but I decided to stop fooling myself and get back to "my genre": horror fantasy (peppered with thriller / suspense). I really enjoyed the first book (greatly recommended if you like the genre) so I'm looking forward to this one and the other two I bought.

I have spent the past week utterly consumed by a single topic - researching, learning, taking notes, window shopping. The atmosphere at Mystic Hill will incredibly extremely change, which we actually look forward to.

*reads the above paragraph with a chuckle*

I don't like to broadcast anything until the details are solid, and right now, we've got a fairly rich consistency. I'm excited, thrilled, obsessed, tingly, and all that good stuff.

So what's up?
Kittens. Two.

It's been a maybe for a while, but Joe jumped completely on board like "I was waiting for you to say this!" Actually, I was going for *cat*, but he lobbied for kitten, and then he softened for 2 older non-sibling kittens and then last night I was all, "No Siblings!" (the younger ones).


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yay for pussy!!

(sorry. i had to do it. :P)

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