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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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The following is in praise of Joe for his awesome idea. *laughs*

He brought home half a pound of smoked salmon, 2 small loaves of bread (it reminded me of French bread when I baked it, but I can't be sure), and this garlic spinach spread the Greek guy at the world market gave Joe when he asked for cream cheese.(I like to joke that every spread he sells is merely "garlic sauce." No matter what you say you want, if he says that he made it, it's garlic sauce.)

Oh, and a bottle of Chianti.

So, instead of the dinner I had planned to make myself I slice the baked bread in half and made an open faced smoke salmon sandwich.

It was really good. It had to be. I'm sitting here thinking of that next loaf and other half of the salmon I had left. (I'll never finish that garlic sauce, I think there's like 3 cups of it in the container he sells it in.)

Anyway. That was awesome.


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