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That *had* to be in all caps. I think I've worried some of the skin off my body waiting for these.

Two of these five kittens will be my babies.

What lies beneath...

To be honest, I can't tell any of them apart. *laughs* I don't care what they look like, just that they're healthy and playful, but still, I wouldn't feel right paying for something I haven't seen yet!


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So you guys decided that you can deal with cat hair? ;P


This one has short and thick hair. Sheds once a year, and very little.

Add that to a new furnace filter and a air purifier.

My concerns has been dealt with. The great irony? I'll probably have cleaner air with the cats than I did without. *giggles*

Isn't is a trip how I said I probably wouldn't like having a cat? I swear something bit me in my ass while I was sleeping and I am purely *obsessesd.*

This wasn't even Joe's idea at all! *giggles*

This one has short and thick hair. Sheds once a year, and very little.

Don't believe the hype. We know a breeder of Abyssinians and hairless Rexes. This "less shedding" is an exagerated point made for selling. This is the same argument they put forth with "hypoallergenic" dogs. All cats shed (unless it's hairless). No dog is hypoallergenic. There are cat breds whose hair is less noticable because it is short (but short haired cat's fur is more pervasive as the short strands are tougher to get out of fabric - long haired cats are easier to clean up after). There are dogs whose hair is less of a irritant to the allergies because it is more like human hair. But it is myth.

But I'm glad that it's not an issue anymore. I feel bad when people want to turn down an animal because of something like it's fur - they can't help that. You learn to live with it.

Well, even with everything, there will be cat hair on my clothes, in my mouth, in my hair, in my food, on my stuff. I'll be good about the grooming and just have to run the vacuum a bit more and buy a roller for my clothes.

Dogs aren't exactly shed free either, and I never once had a problem with that.

*looks at what she wrote*

Haha. Flipped script much, B?

*stops talking about herself*

Hell, I have allergies, and I was about to cut my doctor when she even looked like she was going to suggest not having an animal/animals in the house, LOL! I still kiss and hug them, just double dose on the meds ... ;P

I feel sad for being in that position. It looks like Darcy and Geezer will be our final cats, as I am developing cat allergies with dangerous side effects. I've still got about a decade to go with them (if all goes well) so I'll always need open windows and lots of vacuuming, all the year 'round.

And I especially love the Maine Coons too, dammit.

Geez. Abbies.

Do you KNOW what you're getting into? :)

I mean, at least you picked the breed most like your own dancing self, true.

But these guys dance all over the house, and have CLAWS to climb with.

I can't wait to see pics of the three of you dancing. :)

Oh yes, I know. As hyper as I am and nosy and early risers and curious and active. *giggles*

As for climbing all over stuff I have a cat tree I'm looking at buying (still can't decide *which*) and there's this shop that sells carpeted shelves for them to have vertical space. Which would be nice because I have lots of wall space and *nothing* on it.

Plus, I'm hoping for compliance on the claws. I have some kitten sized "soft paws" ready to buy and try on. If they take to them I won't have to worry about scratching too much. If they don't, then I'll just make sure there are plenty of sisal posts in the house.

We successfully taught Darcy to "play nice" - to not use her claws when wrestling with us, by playing with her with balloons.

It didn't work with Geezer, but the Geez's nature comes right from her mom, who's also a prickly bad-tempered kitty.

Good luck! Look into research on where cat trees work best. A far corner? No. By an entryway? Yes. :)

oh man. You earn bonus points for saying "I'll just deal with it" rather than "I'll get them declawed."


It helps a lot to keep the claws trimmed as they can't get as good a hold on stuff.

Four year old Leifr says they should be named Kooa and Dio. He's such a great housemate!

omfg. they're absolutely fucking adorable!!!

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