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Kitten Update
Last night I went to bed concerned that I had announced my impending kitten-parenthood too soon.

The breeder works with a courier who works for an airline. There are only certain cities that she travels to. I've been mostly waiting to hear from this carrier whether Mobile or Pensacola is one of those cities.

After seeing the pictures, I went ahead and placed my down payment on the kittens, but the breeder was like, "Are you sure you want me to accept this money before I hear back from the courier?"

And I was like.... @_@ But I told her to hold it unclaimed in paypal until we heard otherwise.

Well, I woke up this morning to learn that Pensacola was an option. *sigh of relief*
everything's going to be all right

Of those 5 kittens, around 8-10 weeks she said she would be able to distinguish which ones would be best for her to keep. She's picking two, and then I'll have 3 to pick from for myself. She mentioned that Joe and I have first pick so I should be able to get the boy and girl that I want.

I'm gunning for a boy and girl because, from what I read anyway, cats tend to bond with a human of the opposite sex. If there's any favoritism going on, I'd like for Joe and I to each have a decent shot. *laughs*

She also mentioned that she wanted to get them to us when they are weaned and have gained confidence because she does not cage her cats and therefore has a "preschool" environment when it comes to any of them catching something. So, rather than the month and a half I was thinking of, I'll probably see them before the end of this month. Upside, I can get them insured earlier, and the earlier they are insured, the earlier all the check-ups, vaccinations, and "oh shits" are covered.

Next up, contract signing.

Thankfully, I've spent this past week shopping and researching, so now all I have to do is buy. *laughs*

Icon note: That's the mother of this litter.

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Well, that's wonderful, congratulations!
I don't know if I've ever mentioned that the next time I get a cat, I have my heart set on an Abyssinian. Besides being such beautiful cats, I love the descriptions of how they especially love their humans are very affectionate, and very vocal. I'm not sure where I can get one when the day comes (living in this tiny town) but I will find a way. If it isn't too personal, will you tell me how much you paid for the two of them?
The pictures were too cute, making me want to add a fourth cat to the ones I have now, but that's too many for my little house! Thanks for posting them!

oops, I forgot to sign in for that comment...hi, it's just me.

LOL, I was just pondering... who is this person? *chuckles*

One note on Abys, they are actually not too vocal. Very affectionate, very "let me help you", very "busy." They aren't lap cats, but they like to be near you or around you.

Depending on the breeder, of course, you're looking at paying anywhere from 500-800 for a kitten. In my search and interviews of breeders, this was the range I found.

You can search for a breeder here Cat Fancier's Association or here Abyssinian Club

Who knows, maybe there's one within driving distance from you. ^_^

Thanks for the info! Actually, I saw that there used to be a breeder in Sedona, which is not too far away, but I don't think they exist anymore. Perhaps another one will show up. I guess when I'm ready to have another cat then the right one will come to me. Still, thanks for the info. which will hopefully help speed things up in the future!

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