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People who profess to be a connoisseur in blog / journal design have a journal that looks like an extroverted pop culture female preteen on acid had a seizure and puked all over it.

True Facts.

Being able to display every single image, text, layout, and animation technique currently available on the same web page IS NOT knowing how to design anything.


... and relax

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Hahaha! I don't know anybody who claims to be a blog design connoisseur, have yoo any examples? <-- acid + puke <-- set me off

Muted, but still retarded

What I would expect: <-- omg, clean, neat, nice!

Of course, I need no links to add in: MySpace (What I thought of when I saw some of those journals, which includes the "Anything but legible" design protocol.

"blog design connoisseur" is my own tag. *laughs*

Incidently, I'd like to change my own layout, but I don't feel like doing it myself. Was trying to graze for examples.

Just a mini-rant.

Unfortunately the community seems to be dead at present, but some of the folks over at layout_elitists have cute designs (I really like the layout for the community itself).

That first one is ... woah. And the 'set me off' is ... Day-um.

That's some pretty appalling design. You aren't kidding.


Yeeeah. I agree with you, completely.

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