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Sometimes, you just need to ask
hell yeah
Today continues to rock...

Mr. Henry,

I have a building I want to use in a story of mine. I know nothing about architecture, but I would love for someone to take my idea and render a blueprint for me to use in my writing.

The building is a hotel / apartment / mansion for wayward entities / spirits. The "Lady" of the place checks them in and out...

So you get the "specialness" of the structure I'm thinking about.

I know I'd like the pool area to be built around a natural hot spring with a retractable sun roof. I'd like a lounge area and a ball room just like a luxury hotel would have. However, I don't know how to organize these things so that it sounds right. The upper floors would be apartments / bedrooms, but I'd like them to be arranged in a nicer outline that a motel, and perhaps with a balcony or terrace.

Architectural design is not in my skill set. I've been searching for places that sort of look like what I'm imagining, but coming up very short. Most mansions are built for 4 people and servants. Most hotels are focused on pure leisure or business. Apartments don't lend very much towards luxury. Extended stay hotels are not very fancy (certainly not with an indoor spring!)

I don't expect any designer to draw up something for me for "fun." I know your time is worth money, but I'm also scared that asking a professional structural artist to create a layout for me (at the least!) would carry a several thousand dollar price tag.

Additionally, how many would laugh at me for mentioning that I'd like a blueprint for a fantasy structure?

I really love the pictures of homes on Also, it seems you have experience in all fields - residential, commercial, and hospitality. Your work is creative and untraditional.

If this sort of thing is "a waste of your time" would you mind assisting me in finding a person who could give me a "pretty implementation" of my idea?

Thank you for your time.

In summary: I imagined a building that I'd like a floor plan for. Can you help?

His reply a mere hour or so later:

See if this mansion would work for you. Although there are golf references, it started out as a Mansion."
Included in the e-mail is a color sketch of the outside of a mansion. A black and white "French style alternative elevation" and 2 PDFs of the floor plans for the 1st and 2nd floors of said mansion. It contains all the architectural nifties I mentioned.

Epic Win for John Henry Architect, AIA, NCARB.


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That is really fucking neat!

This is awesome. Made of pure, milled, titanium awesome.


Yup. Today he event sent me 3 more layouts he did for someone "who couldn't make up their mind" so that I could see with bedrooms and a basement!

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