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Seriously guys, seriously.
Kittens: As of this weekend the breeder estimated that'd they be ready to travel in 5 weeks. She said she'd take more pictures for us.

Darius left for FAMU this weekend. I wish him the best.

And now, for the main event:

I know the "internets" are not "srs bizness" but seriously, some people are just pricks. I participated in a (at the time) fun phone conference among people I consider friends, and have made an effort to be more social with them.

Person A suddenly begins to insult Person B. In short: Everything you have done is unimportant and stupid.

Out of the blue. Seriously.

Person B's gracious reply can be summed up as, "Whatever."

Person A continued the tirade.

I was so infuriated. It had nothing to do with me, but I was livid. What's a person to do? I left. I want to go on a self-righteous tirade to that person, but why? What for? Pricks will be pricks.

Why would someone go out of their way to inform you that what you enjoy doing or have done is worthless? Really, what is the fucking point of saying that other than to hurt someone? Critique is one thing, being a randomly malicious twit is another.

I hate people that do that. I HATE them. Strong word, and I mean it with every fiber of my being. *That* is what pisses Bianca off. Putting someone else down for nothing. Saying hurtful nasty things for hurtful nasty's sake.

Of all the things that I don't care about and don't bother me. I've yet to cure myself of that.

But for now, if I'm scarce, it's because I'm all "butt hurt" over it, and I don't want to go off or get angry about it in that person's presence.

I'll be happy when I rid myself of this reaction though. Seriously.

Upon Reflection The "if I'm scarce" thing is a damn lie. I'm feeling social and this isn't going to stop me even though I think it should. *laughs* Just saying. I don't like getting offended on someone else's behalf. It makes me feel funny inside.

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Hm...unimportant and stupid...sounds like that Person A once did something that s/he enjoyed but for some reason believed it to be "unimportant and stupid," and dropped that hobby. Of course I could be just reading into it, but usually when something like that happens, there's a bit of history that Person A's ego or subconscious won't let go.

I think you did the right thing. I wonder if Person B followed suit or allowed him/herself to get dragged into being needlessly on the defensive for something s/he enjoys.

I guess some people really have nothing better to do!

I see and hear behavior like that a lot, and best I can tell it's people who spent their childhood watching way too many cheap-shot sitcoms. They talk like they're expecting a laugh-track to follow them around, and like they will be back-slapped and high-fived for being clever.

Yeah... I heard that.

It was hard for me to get offended on the 'insultee's' behalf though because she seems like just about the last person on earth who could have been offended by the (inaccurate and context-starved) line of insults that were being aimed at her.

My funny-gut feeling was more along the lines of 'how can you be so persistent at being so far offbase, mr. insult-dude'

*nods* Even though I knew she didn't need defending, I still felt the urge to do so.

"'how can you be so persistent at being so far offbase, mr. insult-dude'"


Libertine's a 17 year old kid who's earnestly attempting to establish himself in the community. He doesn't have the first clue about what he's stumbled in to - in magick or in general. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem interested in expanding his horizons - again, magickally or in general.

He may miss the tongue in cheek in my profile, and he clearly did not enjoy being needled when I challenged one of his sigil posts on the Hive while he's still trying to establish himself as...serious business?

I've no beef with him, he's not proved himself worth the effort.

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