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Coffee; Absinthe

I do not consider myself a traditional "coffee drinker." I have one "sane" cup in the morning on weekdays, and not really religiously. I could have it or not have it.

So, with this habit, I've never bought a coffee maker. For one, I wake up at 5am, and second, I don't really want coffee until around 9am.

Couple this with my desire to do things the best way I can.

I've always wanted to do this, and today, I finally made that desire a reality. I assembled the following items...

1. My hot pot for boiling water, which I had been using at work for the occasional tea.
2. Paradise Roasters Sunrise Blend, French Press ground.
3. Bodum Chambord Press Pot
4. A 7 oz Bodum Assam cup.

... and made myself a cup of coffee. There's a big difference, even if I didn't manage the "freshly ground" purist step, but I'm not forced to buy 12 ounces (the smallest size you can buy at a coffee shop) and I can share good stuff with my co workers. I can't drink all that I make anyway, another reason why I had not bought a coffee maker.

Yes indeed. It's a big difference, especially because I don't add stuff to coffee. I picked a great blend. It tastes great.


The US lifted its ban on absinthe this month. I've always thought about trying it, but of course, that has not been possible until now. Joe has been dogging me since I told him about the ban lift.
"Have you bought it yet? Have you bought it yet?"
No. I have not. *chuckles*

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Where did you hear about the absinthe un-ban? I've searched the Google news archive and can't find it.

FYI: You can still get a "short" at Starbucks, it's an 8 oz cup. It's not on the menu, but I think it's still in the registers. New people on the register might not know that, so if they give you a blank look ask whoever's shift-lead.

Absinthe FAQs

Always do your homework before purchasing absinthe online! There are a handful of great commercial absinthes available now, along with many that are awful. You'll pay as much - or more - for the bad stuff.

The Wormwood Society

Oxygénée's Virtual Absinthe Museum


Fee Verte (FAQs)

You can get free shipping on Lucid at this distributor:

The New Yorker magazine did a long and fascinating interview with Ted Breaux, of Jade Liqueurs. If you missed it, here's a link to a PDF file:

(Scroll halfway down the page and look for the March 2006 issue of the New Yorker. The article is entitled "Green Gold, the return of absinthe.")


Hi! This is Saintmae from Irreality. Just wanted to let you know I've added you as a friend. :} Hi.

And hello back to you. ^_^

They are awesome. Try the tumblers too.

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