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The Story: I asked Mom's friend to do it for me. She picked the day and time. She did not show up. After 2 hours, I stopped trying to call her and went about my business.
I had to stop by my great aunt's house and get her computer for Joe to fix. I told her why I was in a funk and she said, "I know someone who can braid your hair." She made a phone call and 30 minutes later she was there.

I've never had my hair braided before. No, not ever. *laughs* I like trying new stuff, so here it is.


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I have to say... it looks damn good. :)

Looks great! Is it comfy?

It's a little tight now, but that's expected the first 24 hours anyway. The woman who did it wasn't heavy handed at all, it's just that my hair is laying in a lot of different directions than it's used to. I can definitely "feel it there", but it's not "owie" uncomfortable.

*giggles* So, not comfy but not uncomfortable either.

Hey.... you look awesome :-)

And I love the shirts with that "look" on the back ;-)))) (sorry, couldn't express it in a better way!)

They look awesome! I love braids.

You know, its cute...but I love your hair out.

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