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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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I learned what it means when CJ touches his nose to ours.
I get photographic evidence of the hostage situation I put myself in this afternoon.

No. There's nothing else going on. :P

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Oh they are precious =) (I didn't know myself what the nose touching meant, but every time Ivy does it to me, I melt). I also may have forgotten to tell you, but darling, you were rocking those braids!

Wait til they start head-butting, lol (when they push their forehead against you).

After being butted for years I finally asked my vet what it meant a few years ago - he said it's them acknowledging that you are a part of their family. Scout is subtle with his head-butts, but Donovan does it with gusto (he head-butted me so hard on the face last night I thought he made my lip swollen, lol) - he even leaps up on his hind legs to reach our hands for a head-butt. We call it his "high five".

We are loving your kittens! R loves Abys so I called him in here the other day to watch the video. We especially liked that synchronized turning bit near the end.

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