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Okay, there is something else.
You know the plans the architect gave me?

And how I was stoked about finding google sketchup?

Here's a screen cap of my current progress.

The basement is done, seen under the 1st floor.
I haven't done the inside walls to the first floor yet.
I did the terrace last night.
I'm currently working on the hot spring in that space at the top of the picture.

To do:
Pool / Spring House (it's a dance club with "apartments").
Inside the 1st floor.
2nd floor.
Surrounding terrain.
Whatever else....

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Wow-ow! That is some awesome stuff right there. I need to look at this for roleplaying games.


It's super easy to learn. The biggest jump I needed to make was to go from thinking about things in coordinates (how I did my drawings in ACAD and Photoshop) to thinking about things relatively. (5' from here, 3' from there, 7' up from here.)

If you can do that, it's super awesome, and highly intuitive. The video tutorials and their online help manual are very well done.

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