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Request for Collaboration
I'm a bit out of my depth on my current work in designing this... place of mine.

If you, or someone you know is an avid gardener, I'd like to talk with them.

My goal is to create an "ultimate garden." I am not a gardener, so I don't know what features would be super awesome to include. I have ideas, and I'd like to bounce them off someone who knows their stuff in this area.

Things like...

a 16' diameter green house... how far away should that be from the house? Should I put a shed outside or create a storage space within the greenhouse?

The outside garden, I'd like to create a walkway through it and add some other features, but, like, what?

How big is a decent garden? How much could I do with it?

Right now I'm working with approximately 2,000 square feet of soil.

Okay, so there. If you've got ideas for a "gardener heaven" I'd like to collaborate with you to design it.

Final notes:

As far as I know, this will never be built. It's currently housed in a CAD application, and if I take it to the limits I'd like, it'll be simulation that you can "muck about in."

If you've been following my musing (probably not) I'm personally building this as a spiritual retreat. The garden is for the earth spirits.

I'm literally and figuratively and spiritually completely out of my element. *laughs*

Comment if interested. Comment if there's something else you could offer towards building a fusion of an independent-living resort-estate.

This is what I've got for a visual. It's an old screen shot, but you get the point.

Most of what I wrote isn't even relevant anymore. The type of help I need is probably too large a scale. I'll figure it out, but if you get off on estate sized landscaping (3+ acres) then I'd certainly appreciate it.

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===Personally, I would build a greenhouse attached to the building if possible...makes it more accessable, and you can get some heating benefits from it.

Actually... it would not get the full benefit of the sun there, and heating is not an issue with octagonal greenhouses, cooling is.

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