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Clothing Help
Today, I am wearing this skirt

Stormy bought it for my for my very-early birthday present. The picture does not do it justice. It's like one of those chameleon car paint jobs. It's teal / turquoise / blue / purple depending on how the light hits it. It's 100% silk and I'm wearing a white cotton lace bordered tee with it today. That works, but... not well enough.

1) Does anyone know where I could find a silk shirt?

2) What color should I wear as a top? White works, but I was thinking maybe something in the range of beige to gold would be nice too.

Since winter is getting close I'll probably find a long sleeved silk shirt. The only one I have currently is fire engine red. Just No. *laughs*

Save me from having to walk into the mall and "shop."

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I have a skirt that shimmers like that too in shades of violet/blue/purple as the light hits it. I wear either purple with it or usually black. Gold, for me, would just make the outfit a bit too disco shiny looking, then again, I personally don't really wear gold.

In one of your former posts you say something about kitten-less weeks? Do you still have the kitties? Are you just away? What did you mean by that?
They are so adorable, I hope you still have them. since I can't have any more cats right now, though I want and Abyssinian, I live it vicariously through your posts about yours:)

Oh no, kitten updates as always are here:
I just decided to stop spamming this journal about them. *laughs*

When I said "kitten-free" I meant, "other than kittens, what else is going on?" Because that seemed to be all I was talking about. ^_^

I might also add, I like the black suggestion. For winter, it'd be awesome to have a mid-length black shirt-as-duster and a dark blue or purple under shirt, may teal. All depends on what I can find. *grins*

I appreciate your help.

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