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New Mansion Screenshots
I uploaded new screen shots of my progress with my house.

Basement, NNW

Ground Floor, NNW

Southern view

Second Floor, NW

Southern view

Detailed shot. I modeled each door / window myself. ^_^
Oh, and check out those stairs. *flex*
And yes, that's a sauna. I even modeled the heater (not shown) inside it. ^_^

Close up: Exterior door with sidelites + 2 windows

...and I'm spent.

Next time I take same pics I'll have the major furniture in (kitchen, bath, utility, library... etc). How far I go depends on how far my computer will let me go.

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Gorgeous beyond the usual spectrum of gorgeousness. This is phenomenal stuff. I can't wait to see it with furniture.

Can I do a dungeons and dragons dungeon in this thing?


Sure, a floor plan is a floor plan.

If you want a copy of the file, now is the time to ask before I put too much "esoteric gibberish" into it. ^_^

Download google sketchup onto your comp. I'll send you the file, and you have my permission to do what you want with it.

After all, I was only able to build this after someone showed me that same kindness.

It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all....

Hey Bianca, it's Aaron. Just saw you were on archmage's lj also. Friending you.

The design is coming along nicely.

Re: It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all....

Haha! OH. That's who you are. ^_^

Quite a tiny little planet we've got here.

It's so big! Looks more like a hotel than just a house! But I know you... if you're gonna do it, do it right. It looks fabulous!

You've got it right! There are 30+ bedrooms. I built it like a mansion + hotel.

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