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nano friday
Well, since this month ends on a Friday, this year it'll be on just such a Friday that I speak of nanowrimo. And hey, if it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't post much at all.

Anyway, current word count is 4,439.

I've been playing both Mythos (in beta) and Tabula Rasa (goes live today). I heard Guitar Hero III was out, so I'll probably pick that up soon, but I sorta want it for the Wii this time, and... that's like $100 to get it with the guitar. Gotta get the kittens fixed first (appointment is next week).

Oh, and Very cool station. Not moreso than as far as music exploration, but great as far as interactive radio +the gaming angle. Added bonus for being able to listen to it at work. (Headphones only, mind you. It's a very NSFW station.)

Who listens to stuff without headphones at work anyway? 0.o

There. Now we're all updated and such.


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