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nano friday
Ah yes, Friday. Probably the only other one I'll mention apart from being finished. No one I'm reading seems to be participating, so the incentive to share is low. Current count is 15,838.

Guitar Hero III - Lovin' it.

I'd love it more if I had someone to play with.

Story of my life.

My Anniversary of Birth is two weeks off and I'm already thinking on my yearly address and such. Suffice it to say, I named this year dead wrong, but I know what the right name for it is.

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(Deleted comment)
I concede the race already.

Dragonforce had me laughing at myself on medium.

Can't wait to see what hilarity lies in store on hard.

I say that, but have you played "My Name is Jonas" on hard yet. I 5 stared that the first time around on hard. I usually suck with hammer on / pull offs. I was all wided eye and slack jawed while I totally nailed that song.

I like it when my brain just takes over and says, "Heh. Watch this."

That has to be the most fun with Guitar Hero, when my the muscle memory gets so fast I don't even know *how* I'm doing what I'm doing.

(Deleted comment)
It'll happen. Watch. *nods sagely*

My advice... if you're taking it.

If you're having trouble with a song, there is of course, practice, but don't overplay it. Give it a 'once a session' try. In fact, make a song you're having a hard time with your first song, before you brain is really engaged.

Also, if the end of the medium setlist becomes tedious, switch to hard and start working on the early setlist there. By the time you've worked you way to your limit on hard, go back to medium, and you'll probably do even better. Or go backwards and see if there's anything you can 5 star that you've already beat.

Play stuff out of your range, for laughs. Select something on expert and make a bet with yourself how far you'll get. That always gets me cracking up.

Oh, and one other thing I do is go into practice and play the bass line of songs. Especially if I've never heard a song before, that will usually give a better feel for the pace of the song.


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Just because people aren't talking about it doesn't mean they aren't doing it.

I started on Oct. 31.

oooooh! Imma tellll.


Awesome. Good to know there's a pal out there.

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