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As I run roughshod over the finish line

Hail the conquering hero. *laughs*

Not even finished, hrm, much like last year!

I wrote a pretty good story last year. I just read it this weekend. I completely forgot about it. In fact, I was sure it sucked a fair amount.

It's a skeleton of a story, rough around the edge for sure. But very "Bianca," very interesting, very loaded with potential.

I remembered, when I got to the end... that I wanted to continue it this year. Oops!

I'm totally not waiting another year. That story needs a continuation. NOW.

So, I raced to finish the current working. Yay!

Just like any marathon, it's wise to save the sprinting for the end.

*does a little "go me" dance*

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That's great! Congratulations!

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