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*thinks of something different to say today*

I like cashews. I found some that don't have salt.
Salt on nuts ruins the entire flavor.
So hard to find nuts in their natural state.
I feel like I should giggle, but alas, I lack the joy.

I read a news blurb that stated the FDA was going to do something about all the sodium in foods.

I'm probably one of a handful of people in the world that finds salt nasty.
It ruins almost everything it touches.

Almost. I'm sure a pinch of it has some usefulness, but really when you eat something and taste salt, UGH!

okay. that should do.

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I only like salt on three very specific things (and I"m usually craving those salty things around my period - I love salty and sweet stuff around that time of the month).

Other than that, I do not put salt on my food.

I have to admit. Salt and vinegar chips aren't all bad. *giggles*

Have any use for a blank book? If so, you should send me a mailing address.

Totally. E-mail sent.

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