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Trigger Pulling Time

I'm in the market for a wordpress blog design(er). Any suggestions?
Currently I'm browsing the results of my google search.
{clean and low-fi would be key words for the style I want)

If anyone has any personal experience, positive or negative,
with a designer, I'd love to hear about it.

Might as well use my domain name for something more than glorified file storage.

Answer to the unasked question:
I currently have 5 different journals. I need a unifier.
I've considered a WP for like... all year, but have met with apathy at the thought of the unique design I'd need to create. (And by unique, I mean, I have not, to this day, found a design that comes close to something I like.)

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WordPress is awesome. I've been playing with it for a little over a month, and it's very straightforward, you probably won't need a designer if you can find even a basic template you like - tweaking it is a breeze once you get the hang of it.

Alternately, let me know what you're looking for in a design and perhaps we can work something out.

Commented on that below.

The advantage of a designer is a current familiarity with widgets, scripts, and other user friendly "stuff." Plus, I could find one that is up to snuff with WC3 standards and anti-spam add-ons.

I don't mind paying someone about $80 to do that for me.

Again I say: WordPress is quite straightforward. The only semi-complicated bit is modifying the CSS, which, depending on your design needs, could be minimal. Many widgets, anti-spam protection, etc. are ready to use "out of the box" with minimal modification (after sourcing, downloading and initial installation). Frankly, the most time consuming part will be fiddling with be with colour and format to get it to look "just so".

Tell you what. For 80$ (Canadian!) I'd do an initial install with a basic template (we can talk details beforehand to get as much as we can right to start) + 4-5 hours fiddling. I suck at graphics though, for that I'd recommend going elsewhere.

If you're interested e-mail me at psyche [at] plutonica [dot] net with a basic colour scheme (dark greens or reds or whatever) and an idea of what you'd like to see. If not, that's cool too :)

Thank you very much for the offer. I'll certainly keep you in mind. ^_^

My wordpress experience is fairly limited, but I managed to reformat a standard template to my custom specs when I put up Where are all your journals, and what do you mean by a unifier? Are you wanted to thread them all to a single site? Or are you just wanting one new site that does everything you want, and you can add your old entries to in an archived manner?

I plan on keeping the other journals. *grins*
There's one on livejournal, insanejournal, 2 on blogspot, and one on

Each journal covers a different subject matter or mood.

I wanted to mirror the content (cut & paste) of all those on my own website. The actual posts would be tagged, and then there would be a menu-bar that would separate the posts out, if you're only interested in one thing, or allow you to read every thing I've written everywhere.

The main page would also be a portal to other presences, websites, and forums that I visit.

Eventually, I'll probably start making the main posts there and mirror them to the other sites, but... a unifier is the main goal.

The problem has been in finding an example of a template I like.

What're you looking for in a template? Dividing it by category or "site" would be easy enough, just making hyperlinks to those particular categories. For LJ, there's the plugin I use to feed my wordpress entries to equivalent posts, and I'm sure there's a match to the for blogspot. As for Irreality, I'm unsure, you'd have to bug Jon about that. Theoretically though, you could run all posts from Wordpress, and just have it disseminate to your peripherals...

I suppose the main question is, what exactly are you looking for in a template, and where have you looked?

Yeah, that's doable. It could even be done from or /blog/ if you like. Could even keep much of the look and feel of if you like the basic black and white, or spice it up.


You know I love it... you should try them out. CorkChop

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