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Two for one!
Techland: RIP Facebook?

One: This is a great read. For a bonus, follow the link to the article regarding the owner of Facebook's assertion that advertising is social.

Two: A rock band of imps began their first set as it dawned on me, "I really like this layout." I scrolled down to the bottom and saw the Wordpress footer.

I really like that layout. Clean. Simple. Content focused. *yes!*

As an amusing sidenote, I wondered about the layout when the 'article' began to read more like a 'rant.' I'm sorry, where am I? Is this a news article or a blog post?

Two for one indeed. *laughs*

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Hi,Bianca!My name`s Nika. I`m 20. I`d like to have a panfriend from USA for learning English.I`m looking for someone to help me.
Would you get me any links for that?
Maybe somebody of your friends wants to learn Russian. We`d can help each other.
I find your post in SUP discussion.
Excuse my English :-)

With great respect,

I took 2 years of Russian in college.
I forgot it all, but I think I could learn it again easy.
Oh, and two of my friends already know Russian well. *laughs*

For English:
I found this website that might be able to help you.
Easy English for Russians

I also use this website a lot for a Russian book I own (The Art of Beading).

I hope these help you.

Be Well
~ Bianca ^_^

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