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Most memorable present
In general, I'm not a fan of the "holiday season."

However, while listening to NPR this morning, I remembered a very awesome Christmas present I received.

Over the course of several years, while my aunt Katrell was employed with Xerox, she created a series of printed and bound personalized multicolored lined journals. The front had my name on it and the year.

Thinking of that actually makes my eyes water because Christmas usually brought a lot of angst for me. No one really listened to what I wanted. Batteries, paper, pens, a stuffed bear. Those were too "small" and "insignificant" to be presents I was told. So I put a piano on the list. Never got that either, but I did get a keyboard once.

When my aunt made those journals for me that was better than all the jewelry, clothes, and other stuff. That was personal. She was listening to me.

When I think back, as 'moody' as my aunt can be, in the end, she's always shown she's actually paying attention.

That was the most awesome thing ever about a few weeks that was generally hell for me.

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My best Xmas present ever? Why, he's in my icon...Gun-Hee!

That's such a wonderful story. *hugs*

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